2019 NUTRITION MONTH (Theme, Logo, Info)

The 2019 Nutrition Month theme is "Kumain nang wasto at maging aktibo... push natin 'to!" (Eat healthy and do physical activity... let's push this!)

The theme encourages everyone to advocate and realize the importance of healthy diets, increased physical activity, and reduced sedentary behavior. Pushing the advocacy means that each everyone can contribute to better nutrition and physical activity for better health.

The Nutrition Month logo for the theme shows the balance that needs to be achieved through healthy diet as symbolized by the leaf of a vegetable and physical activity by moving figures of people.


The campaign aims to catalyze actions to:

a. promote the consumption of healthy diets, increased physical activity, and reduced sedentary behavior through activities of daily living among individuals and families;

b. encourage the food industry including farmers, manufacturers, distributors and food establishments to produce and make available healthies food options; and

c.advocate for the enactment of national and local legislation/policies and policies at workplaces, school, and other venues that are supportive of an enabling environment for healthy diets and physical activity.

While Nutrition Month is observed during July, actions to achieve the objectives are expected to be sustained.

Final 2019 Nutrition Month Talking Points

2019 Nutrition Month LOGO

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