Automatic Promotions for Public School Teachers Eyed

"Maraming teachers kasi Ted na nakapako na lang sa Teacher I kasi mapo-promote lang sila kung mayroong magre-retire o magpa-pass on na teacher so aakyat sila. So ngayon sabi namin kailangan magreplace, may magretire o hindi, siguro every 3 years dapat automatically 'yung teacher mapopromote sya kasi ibig sabihin mayroon naman syang karanasan na, gumaling naman sya o kung may special accomplishment ina-award 'yun. Yan magagawa namin sa aming sariling budget." - Secretary Leonor Briones, DepEd.

In an interview on DZMM with Ted Failon, Sec. Briones has explained why teachers are well compensated with allowances and bonuses they are receiving, pointing out the 2-month paid vacation which only teachers are granted by the government, and that the additional P10,000 increase per month per teacher would cost the government a staggering P150 billion.

She also emphasized that they can do something on the automatic promotion for teachers with or without retirees. The secretary said that this can be realized through the department's budget.

Automatic Promotions for Public School Teachers Eyed Automatic Promotions for Public School Teachers Eyed Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on June 09, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Much better if they reviewed also the movement of promotion. Why is it that Master Teacher 1 has the Salary Grade of 18 while Head Teacher 1 is only about 14. What are thier basis why they are not the same , in fact after promoting T3 to HT1 or MT1...they are in the step 4 promotion but the SL are in big difference.

  2. yes .... i agree with sec briones proposal for automatic promotion.... i think that is fair enough... but i hope careful din sa guidelines dapat may standards na dapat ma achieved ng isang mapopromote

  3. Maybe they will also review the salary grade of the head teacher 1 position handling a school head position. The master teachers are being paid much higher than their school head.

  4. Sana maipatupad na yan kawawa naman yung mga hindi napropromote na teacher.

  5. I'm already 62 yo a graduate of law and engineering and wanted to teach in high school.Can it be possible without LET?....They should be qualified for the promotion.It's educating the kids,careful selecting is a must.


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