DepEd wants Filipino Teachers to Stay in the Country

Filipino teachers are well known for being dedicated and proficient teachers in and out of the country. The reason why some Asian Countries have recently shown interests to hire Filipino teachers in their own respective programs. But the Department of Education expressed their side that Filipino teachers should choose to stay and teach our fellow Filipinos to ensure that we get the best education for our young citizens.

Working abroad will bring our teachers to the next level of their careers. Not to mention the salaries which are way higher than they have here in the country. With proficiency and their special care for their students, Filipino teachers are undoubtedly in demand internationally. And statistics show that many of our fellow teachers have already gone abroad for these new career opportunities and greener pastures.

In the previous months, Thailand and China have both expressed their deep interests in hiring our Filipino teachers and apparently, many of our teachers saw new opportunities in career and for greener pastures. The DepEd said, however, that they cannot stop the teachers if they choose to go for better opportunities but preferably, they should stay to serve the country.

Groups of teachers believe that one of the main factors why teachers will always prefer to work abroad, if given opportunities, is the salary wage they are into. If only the government will work on something realistic to increase it, working in our country and serving our fellow Filipinos will not be a problem at all.

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  1. tama.from 6:40 am until 6 to 8pm kami dito sa cebu province pg talagang busy at.dami mg reports ang hirap pa nang evaluation nmin sobrang strikto nako nalang.pag humingi mg report as in ang salary namin ewan ko lang sobrang bagal hindi mkapag sabi sa principal na pwd pakibilis kasi dyan xla nabubuhay ay di pala sa sukli na lng pala kalimitan ng mga guro sa utang nlng kami kumakapit.hirap mg sideline kasi must be dedicated and passionate teacher...ganuun love your profession may ngkamali cguro dapat kami yong may vow of poverty.hindi xla may maraming pera at ang ganda pa nang resort/ resthaus ha.I really choose teaching because want to teach to mold young ewan ambot sa langaw nilupad wlay pamahaw.congested classroom 1:69? 70? no classroom kasi wlang mg donate kahit ang laki na nang mga ari arian what the ggrrrr..can we use the power of eminent domain? answer: no that's expensive wow ha.tabang nurse..


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