P30,873 Monthly Compensation for Teachers, Not True

ACT or the Alliance of Concerned Teachers told the Department of Education that the computation arriving at the amount of P30, 873 is totally absurd and so unrealistic.

“DepEd arrived at such an illusory figure by adding our salary and all other benefits and allowances teachers receive in a year, then dividing it by 12. Even their contributions to PhilHealth and the like as employer were included,” - Joselyn Martinez (ACT Chairperson)

She also pointed out the computation also included the allowances like clothing and chalk which basically are intended for their job needs and materials and not for their own personal welfare. ACT believes that DepEd is spreading this misleading information that teachers are well-compensated.

ACT and many of other teachers groups are still in fighting for the salary increase to make sure that every public school teacher gets what he or she deserves.

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  1. dli mana tinuod oie 20k rmn ang basic sa t1.botbogt mna kanang evry month namo madawat apilon d ay nang seasonal ra? once a year ra namo dawaton? kapaits...


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