Duterte ordered all Gov't Officials to eat their lunch in their offices

To stay alert, effective and efficient workers of the country, President Duterte has ordered all the government officials to eat their lunch inside their offices. This is to make sure that they can go back to work immediately.

"I do not want directors out of their office. You eat your lunch there, lahat kayong taga-gobyerno, so that you can go back to work immediately," Duterte said.

This is in addition to the campaign of the administration to promote faster transactions in all government offices. The President has then made tons of adjustments to the time scheme to deliver smoother processes of documents and in providing government services to our fellow Filipinos.


Duterte ordered all Gov't Officials to eat their lunch in their offices Duterte ordered all Gov't Officials to eat their lunch in their offices Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on July 30, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Nice idea Mr. President but any doctor will advise you that it is better to leave your work area for 30 or more minutes and eat your food in another area, like a lanai or food court, the short walk and change of surroundings helps stimulate blood flow so you will have more energy to complete your work day.

    1. dat is right! As long as employees still follow an 8 hours work everyday, where an hour break might sometimes be needed for ur self or urgent home needs since much time is alloted for work everyday and too few for home and family

    2. Mga Pilipino nga naman napakarereklamador simpleng panawagan ng presidente nangangatwiran pa di marunong sumunod agad hahaha comment lang po......

    3. E kung walang malapit na restuarants nga naman, e di mas ok na lang na kumain sa PANTRY ng office nyo para dika pa mahassle kakalakad palabas ng opisina nyo. I was also ang employee at ramdam ko ang hirap ng maglalakad papunta sa kung saan kung gustong kumain sa labas. Much better nalang sa loob ng office building mismo at the same time maki bonding kapa sa katrabaho mo. dipo ba?

    4. I mean, kung walang restaurant na malapit sa kanilang opisina.

  2. Several successful cases of staggered hours schemes are found in Singapore, where
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  3. i'm sure lahat ng government offices mayroon pantry areas. sumunod na kasi muna bago magreklamo! simpling pabawagan lang ng pres yan mahirap ba gawin?nasanay na kasi sa mas marami ang oras sa labas kaysa sa work. sana po sumunod na muna tau

  4. Dapat on time sila pumasok at pag uwi. Lalo na sa mga health centers, isang oras ng naghihintay ang mga pasyente bago darating ang mga staff. Lalo na sa mga may edad na, maaga sila para maiwasan ang init ng araw.


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