Internet Connectivity for All Public Schools

Usec. Alain Del B. Pascua of the Dept. of Education recently had an interview on Radyo Singko News FM with Jing Garcia & Atty. Melvin Calimag to talk about the current state of E-learning in Philippine public schools.

When asked by Atty. Melvin Calimag on the status of DepEd on Technology Adaption, Usec. Pascua replied, "In a general term, yung mga eskwelahan natin ngayon halos 93% nyan, by the end of this year, eh mayroon na yang access sa computer equipment."

He clarified that only the computers and other modern devices are available and not internet connectivity. The problem according to Pascua is that we solely rely on big telco for internet connectivity. The record says that out of around 47,000 public schools, only 30% of it have internet connectivity and such schools are commonly situated in urban areas. Schools in rural areas, on the other hand, are experiencing little to no signal for the internet which make their learning experiences and work experiences for the teachers, less compared to those in urban areas.

Usec. Pascua, however, revealed that DepEd has an on-going project this year and the years to come to put up their own connectivity infrastructure so there will be no need for them to transact to these giant telco's. With the support of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) along with other private partners, DepEd hopes for the immediate realization of the said project.

He also added that they will use all the possible and necessary resources and technologies to make this project a success. This will result in providing the internet connection to all public schools and DepEd offices which will bring a huge positive impact on all DepEd personnel especially to the learners who basically need this the most.

Please do watch the full interview with Usec. Pascua on Radyo Singko FM below.

Courtesy: Radyo Singko News FM


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