Las Vegas hires Filipino Teachers for $40,900 salary

The Clark County School District Las Vegas, Nevada has recently hired teachers from the Philippines with the annual base salary of $40,900 or more than P2-million.

This is already the third time or batch that the said school hired teachers from all over the Philippines. In 2017, 84 Filipino teachers were hired and 105 in 2018. This is the third year that the school has been recruiting teachers from the Philippines to work as special education teachers.

Each recruited teacher has undergone training under the special education which includes not only classroom management but also individualized planning for students with special needs.

Hired teachers are provided with J1 visas to legitimize the work for three years in Las Vegas and are open to renew the contract for another two years.

The newly recruited teachers admit that this will be a long-distance sacrifice but for the comfort and ease of their loved ones they are very much willing to do so.

Video Courtesy: ABS-CBN, Balitang TFC

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  1. Good day! How to apply? Where to apply? What are the requirements needed? Thank you!


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