P10k Additional Support and Compensation for Teachers



Teaching has always been recognized as a noble profession, "which makes all other professions possible."1 The role of teachers is not limited to imparting knowledge, but also to molding the minds and shaping the character of our children, and instilling in them good moral values and civic responsibility. No less than the Constitution recognizes the importance of the teaching profession, where it states in Article XIV, Section 5(5) that, "the State shall assign the highest budgetary priority
to education and ensure that teaching will retain its rightful share of the best available talents through adequate remunerations and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment."

However, despite their significant role in raising our next generation, public school teachers are not adequately compensated for their work. Thus, this bill proposes an increase in the salaries of public school teachers in basic education as well as non-teaching personnel.

Introduced by Senator Pia Cayetano
Senate Bill No. 070

Sec. 3. Beneficiaries. - The additional support and compensation provided for in this Act shall cover the following:
1) public school teachers,
2) locally-funded teachers,
3) Philippine Science High School System teaching and non-teaching personnel, and
4) non- teaching personnel of the DepEd, excluding those occupying positions from salary grade level 30, under the DepEd schedule of salaries, and/or Assistant Secretary upwards.

Sec. 4. Additional Compensation. - An amount of Ten Thousand Pesos (Phpl0,000.00) per month shall be granted to those mentioned in Sec. 3 of this Act as additional compensation to their existing salary and benefits: 
The additional compensation shall be paid in three (3) tranches, as follows:
First Year - P4,000.00 per month;
Second Year - an additional P3,000.00 per month;
Third Year - another additional P3,000.00 per month.

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