A 22-year old baby face Teacher in Bulacan

Meet Ian Francis Manga, a 22-year old teacher from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan who teaches in Kindergarten. However you to look at him you'll see that he does look like a grade school student or anyone younger.

According to him, he did not experience any signs of adolescence. His looks remain the same as well as his skin.

Because of his friendly personalities, he did not experience much of bullying although there are still some who laugh whenever they see him and he felt a little outcast because of his looks.

Now that he already passed the licensure examination for teachers (LET) and currently working as a Kindergarten teacher, Ian needs to look and move as a genuine adult. This is also for him to gain respect from his students, school parents, and from his co-workers. One way he does is to wear bigger sized shirts or polos and to act a little strictly whenever he is in class.

His co-teachers are truly pleased seeing Ian enjoying his profession and according to them, Ian has a soft spot for children which turns to be good and fun most of the time.

Sir Ian once again proves that it's not about the looks, it's the passion and commitment that makes a good teacher.


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