Transportation Fare Discount for Teachers

An Act Providing for Fare Discount Privileges to Teachers on All Modes of Public Transportation, Institutionalizing Mechanism Therefor and for Other Purposes


Section 9, Article II of the 1987 provides that "The State shall promote a just and dynamic social order that will ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the people from poverty through policies that provide adequate social services, promote full employment, a rising standard of living, and an improved quality of life for all".

In order to assist our teachers in the fulfillment of their noble profession of instilling life skills an values to nation-building, it is incumbent upon the State to grant fare discounts to teachers, helping them in making ends meet, enabling our teachers to focus more on the practice of the teaching profession.

This Act seeks to provide fare discount privilege to teachers in all modes of public transportation by institutionalizing mechanism that will ensure uniformed implementation both at the national and local level.

In view of the foregoing, immediate passage of the bill is earnestly sought.

Introduced by Representative VIRGILIO S. LACSON
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  1. Hindi Yan Ang gusto namin, Hindi fare discount, salary increase, Ang matagal ng isinisigaw ng mga Guro, fare discount, nakoo, magiging sanhi pa Yan ng alitan sa pagitan ng mga Guro at mga drivers, maiinis mga drivers dami na nga nila binibigyan ng discount, students, senior citizens, some police at MMDA na Ang kakapal ng mukha, Hindi magbabayad ng pamasahe, tapos dadagdag pa mga Teachers, nakooo, naloko na mainit na ulo NG drivers Nyan, bawas Kita sa kanila Yan, kawawa Naman sila, sa government dapat manggaling Ang tulong sa mga Teachers, Hindi sa mga drivers na kapwa namin naghihirap.

  2. malaking tulong ito. Hooray!!!

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