Prohibited Activities of PTA in the School

PTAs are prohibited from:

1. Interfering in the academic and administrative management and operations of the school, and of the DepED, in general;

2. Engaging in any partisan political activity within school premises;

3. Operating a canteen/school supplies store, or being a concessionaire thereof inside the school or nearby premises, or offering these services to the school as its client either directly or indirectly;

4. Selling insurance, pre-need plans or similar schemes or programs to students and/or their parents; and

5. Such other acts or circumstances analogous to the foregoing.

PTA Officers and members of the Board of Directors are prohibited from collecting salaries, honoraria, emoluments or other forms of compensation from any of the funds collected or received by the PTA.

PTAs shall have no right to disburse, or charge any fees as service fees or percentages against the amount collected pertinent to the School Publication Fee, Supreme Student Government (SSG) Developmental Fund and other club membership fees and contributions.

In no case shall a PTA or any of its officers or members of the Board of Directors call upon students and teachers for purposes of investigation or disciplinary action.

The recognition of any PTA shall be cancelled by the Division PTA Affairs Committee upon the recommendation of the School Head concerned for any violation of the above-mentioned prohibited activities and these Guidelines.Thereafter, the School Head may call for a special election to replace the Board of Directors of the PTA whose recognition was cancelled. Criminal, civil and/or administrative actions may be taken against any member or officer of the Board of the PTA who may appear responsible for failure to submit the necessary annual financial statements or for failure to account the funds of the PTA.

See DepEd Order No. 54, s. 2010 HERE for your reference.


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