Proposal to create New Teaching Positions

Senator Ralph Recto made a proposal to create four new teaching positions namely, Teacher IV, Teacher V, Teacher VI, and Teacher VII.

According to Recto, this will fill the gap between Teacher III and Master I. Records show that most of the public school teachers are still stuck at Teacher I to III where they are only paid from Salary Grade 11 to 13 which equate from P20,754 to P25,232 monthly salary. On the other hand, Master Teacher I to III are paid from P40,637 to P51,155 monthly with Salary Grade 18 to 20.

Sen. Recto proposed that the gap from salary grades 14 to 17 shall be imposed by adding the four new teaching positions, Teacher IV-VII, so that teachers from lower ranks can have better opportunities for promotions.

The starting salaries for these new ranks will be, Teacher IV, P27,755; Teacher V, P30,531; Teacher VI, 33,584; and Teacher VII, P36,942, Recto said.


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  1. hoping that the proposed of sen. recto will be rialized


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