Teachers continue to push P30k monthly salary

Public school teachers are still pushing for the P30,000 monthly salary for entry-level positions. Said that the proposed budget for the 2020 pay hike for government employees is insufficient with the current economic situation in our country.

The allocated budget of  P31 billion for the said pay hike next year will only break down to P61 a day in increase. Given the left and right increase in basic commodities and services, the employees, especially teachers, will surely be having a hard time coping up with this.

“The House of Representatives have made itself a stamp pad of the Duterte administration by passing in haste the 2020 budget after a sham deliberation. It is therefore demanded of us to intensify our actions in order to register our unyielding call for substantial pay hike,” Vladimer Quetua said, ACT NCR Union president.

“TRAIN Law cost us more than it brought us any relief. Not only did it raise the excise taxes, which burdened low-salaried workers more than the rich, its revenues were not used for people’s welfare," Quetua added.


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