Former teacher in the Philippines shares her success story in the USA

Meet Andrea Victoria Locsin, a former public school teacher from Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines who now works as a Teacher in Magee Middle School in Tucson, Arizona, USA. With all the sacrifices and hard work, Ma'am Andrea has finally achieved her dream job with a very high salary, 9 times more than here in the Philippines.

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Victoria Locsin

Our team contacted her to ask about her experiences from the application process and how is it like now that she is already there in the US. And she generously shared her success story with us.

"Hello, I’m Andrea Victoria Locsin, Self Contained Autism Teacher here at Magee Middle School in Tucson, Arizona..our pastor introduced me to his former colleague whose already teaching here in US and then she referred me to Dajti LLC..

Being a teacher here in US is a dream come true for me..when I passed the interview which was a panel interview and hired as a Sped teacher, it was the biggest achievement of my wasn’t easy, I was interviewed by the principal and assistant principal, head teacher of the Exceptional Education department, head teacher of the Science department and head teacher of the Math dept..."

Photo Courtesy of Andrea Victoria Locsin

Also, we asked her about the process of applying there in Arizona so we can answer those who are eagerly asking to know. And she replied,

"yes sir, plenty of teachers are now asking me about the process..since it’s impossible for me to accommodate all their questions, I will post it here...i hope you will send this to all deped groups for those teachers who are interested and willing to work here in, math, ECE and Sped are highly in demand right now here in US, specifically Arizona..unfortunately, General Education is not applicable here in US...

there are agencies in which teachers can submit their applications..just look for their page on FB..Dajti LLC, Teach Quest, and Bepauche International.

the process was took me 2-3 mos of processing my TOR evaluation, getting Fingerprint card from Arizon Department of Public Safety, processing of DS 2019 which is one important document for Embassy interview..and was no pressured especially when it comes to finances...I was reached to the point that I need to borrow money from my friends, family friends, church members, and anyone who would trust me and lend me money just to process all the papers needed for Visa...

I want to tell you this honestly...yes, I’m here in US, I’m earning 9x of my salary before, I am now well compensated than what I used to have before, but the work here is not as easy as what we think...I’m not discouraging anyone, but if ever you are thinking of working here in US, you should expect even for worse...students here in US are far different from ours in the Philippines especially in terms of behavior...some of them are really disrespectful..they would mock at you, and answering back at you...

but I know how strong a Filipino teacher is..and that’s how we become different from American teachers..we don’t give up easily in our work, even if we’re far from our families and love ones...we know how to sacrifice and fight just to give our families a better life..."

These were the exact words from Ma'am Adrea herself.

For those who are also interested to work abroad like Ma'am Andrea, simply look for the FB Page of Dajti LLC, Teach Quest, and Bepauche International.

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