Monthly Salary of Teacher IV, V, VI, and VII

Sen. Ralph Recto recently made a proposal to create 4 new teaching positions to fill in the gap from teacher III to master teacher I. Thus, the creation of teacher IV, V, VI, and VII.

This has also been included in the educational reforms of the Department of Education which were recently approved by President Duterte.

From the proposal of Sen. Recto, he mentioned the following monthly salary of teachers I to III in the current payscale:

> Teacher I under Salary Grade (SG) 11 receiving P20,754 monthly
> Teacher II under SG 12 with a monthly pay of P22,938
> Teacher III under SG 13 receiving P25,232 monthly

The next teaching position to teacher III is the master I which receives a monthly salary of P40, 637 leaving a gap of around P15,000. 

To fill this huge gap of salary, Sen. Recto hereby proposed the creation of Teacher IV-VII which will receive the following monthly salary, based on the current payscale:

> Teacher IV at SG 14 should get a monthly pay of P27,755
> Teacher V at SG 15 should earn P30,531 a month
> Teacher VI at SG 16 should be paid P33,584 monthly
> Teacher VII at SG 17 should get P36,942 per month

SALARY STANDARDIZATION LAW V by Sen. Recto (Higher Payscale of Teachers)

As various versions of the next Salary Standardization Law are on the line, it is hoped that it will be much higher than the previous one.

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