DepEd confirms GREAT NEWS from Pres. Duterte

Undersecretary for Finance-Budget and Performance Monitoring, Annalyn M. Sevilla, made a public post on her official Facebook Page regarding the SULONG EduKALIDAD campaign of the DepEd and an update to what it seems good news for everyone in DepEd. She made mention that everyone will have a merry Christmas pertaining to what she calls "great news" from President Rodrigo Duterte through the Office of the President. Although she said that there is no official announcement or release yet but this is practically good that DepEd confirms this good news for everyone.

Apart from today’s official launch of the SULONG EduKALIDAD campaign, which is a government and multi-stakeholder effort of all advocates of “Quality Education” with 4 CORE components, spelled out as #KITE:
K- kto12 curriculum review
I- improvement of learning environment
T- teachers’ upskilling and reskilling
E- engagement of stakeholders for support and collaboration

we also have great news from PRRD through the Office of the President... wait Lang po tyo sa official release and announcement.

Coming out soon na... I will also explain how it will be implemented in DepEd. Wait lang po for a very merry CHRISTmas ng lahat!!!

Source: Annalyn M. Sevilla Official Facebook Page


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