Minimum Take Home Pay Bill for Gov't Employees

Government employees are the frontliners of the Sate when it comes to public service. Their clients transcend social classes and are expected to deliver the results in a consistent manner. The recent inflation which brought about higher costs of basic commodities made it harder for government employees to manage their salaries and made them prone to lending facilities which ultimately resulted to almost only Php 3,000.00 monthly take home pay. This bill provides for a "Safety net" to State workers wherein their take home pay will still be manageable after deducting the loans and mandatory contributions required by the Government.

Managing finances better and lessening their dependence on loan facilities shall be the ultimate objective of this bill and teach them to live their means.

In view of the foregoing, approval o this bill is earnestly sought.


"SEC. 3. Minimum Take Home Pay. The minimum monthly take home pay of all government employees after all authorized deductions shall at all times be at least thirty percent (30%) of their monthly salary."

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  1. Sana, somebody from the lawmakers file a bill which will control the interest rates of loans offered by private lending institutions and individuals. Interest rates of PLIs and individuals ranges from 50% or more in a ten-month term. That is, if you get a P20,000 loan, you will pay P30,000 in just ten months. Daming buwaya na taking advantage sa mga nangangailangan.


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