NO PRINTING OF DLLs, Test Results, Etc.

The DepEd Division of Rizal has made a public post on their Facebook page which brought extra joy to the public school teachers in their division regarding to what they call Paperless Communication System. In the said post which claimed to be made by their respected Superintendent Cherrylou D. Repia, teachers will no longer need to submit printed DLLs or lesson plans, test questionnaires, and test results. Instead, it could be submitted online via bluetooth, share it, or USB.

Many teachers gave their support and appreciation to this action as, according to them, it will truly make their job a lot more convenient and fast. Some even reacted that it could save tons of papers and other resources.

"NO PRINTING of DLL / Lesson Plan, Test questionnaires and test results; Just submit online via Bluetooth or Share It or via USB.

đź’™ Paperless Communication System


Source: DepEd Tayo Rizal Province

This initiative by the division of Rizal can be of great help to our fellow teachers in their division. As such, they will have more time to do other equally important matters and divert the use of their resources to other useful stuff like instructional materials and alike.

Tell us what you think about this matter. Leave your comment below.

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  1. Partially impresive because the SH would find difficult time saving, reading, scrotinizing & organizing all of those reports and data submitted by teachers on line. The best thing to do (my own opinion) no need for them to submit such things on line. The teachers have just to keep all of those files in their own laptop, hard drive, flash drive, sd card and the like. The SH has just need to conduct regular monitoring & instructional supervision to teachers. Should the SH needs data of a particular item or information to be submitted at the division office, then that would only be the time that the teachers be required to submit such reports in a soft copy. In that case, it would be easy for the SH to consolidate, organize and keep the files. Prerequisite for these, all teachers must have complete DLP's per grade level and per subject area in soft copy.


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