Award Certificates (New Designs) Free Download

Download for FREE these AWARD CERTIFICATES with new designs below. Simply click on the DOWNLOAD link below each image to get your FREE AND DIRECT copies. It is always our goal to help you in your needs be it learning materials or simple award certificates like these. Our deepest gratitude to the owner/designer/creator of these certificates, kidly contact us for proper recognition.

"Motivating your students to learn and to participate can be very hard. Some teachers have their hands full with class management and they don’t even get to teaching.

In order to stimulate learning and to motivate good behavior, lots of teachers use rewards for students.

Students conform to appropriate behaviors when rewarded either intrinsically or extrinsically. They will show interest and raise their participation in everyday classroom tasks, responsibilities, and learning. Incentives for students motivate them to be more productive because they create a feeling of pride and achievement. Being successful makes you happy. Rewarding students encourages and endorses school effort. They lead to improved outcomes for students." - Lucie Renard

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