Panelo gives hope to teachers' salary increase

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo remarked that the promise of the president to give a substantial increase in salary to teachers will be fulfilled despite the recently approved SSL V or the RA11466.

“As we have said before, the promise of the President will be complied with. Maybe not this year, but his term has not yet ended," said Panelo.

However, several teachers' groups including the Teachers' Dignity Coalition (TDC) have expressed their disappointments towards the minimal increase of salaries for public school teachers as stated in the approved SSL 5. They said that it is too far from the promise of the president to give at least a P30,000 monthly salary for an entry-level teaching position.

"We are thankful and we recognize this increase in the salaries of government workers. However, if the president just adopted the SSL V submitted by Congress, this is far from what we expected. Because he promised a P10,000 hike which should be over and above the SSL when he decided to run for office in 2015, we waited for three years. But this SSL V is a generic law which does not recognize the specific worth of our teachers and the recommended remuneration scheme provided by the 53-year old Magna Carta for Teachers and even the State principle set forth by our Constitution. Our fight for regain the dignity of teaching profession is far from over." Teachers' Dignity Coalition National Chairperson Benjo G. Basas.

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