PBB grant approval and funding are not within DepEd

DepEd has established a PBB system by which DepEd's performance as an organization and its personnel are evaluated and incentivized in a verifiable, credible, and standardized manner. It seeks to give monetary incentives to individual personnel based on his/her performance in achieving the expected outputs of his/her function. Ultimately, the aim of the grant of PBB in DepEd is to motivate higher performance and greater accountability, and ensure the achievement of education targets and commitments under the five (5) Key Result Areas (KRAs) laid down in EO No. 43, s. 2011 and the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022.

In line with this, many public school teachers have been seeking updates on the release of the PBB for the year 2018. It is already 2020 but the PBB for 2018 has not yet been released DepEd personnel including the public school teachers.

The official Facebook Page of DepEd Usec. Annalyn M. Sevilla has been constantly giving updates regarding these matters and on one of her posts, she gave updates on the PBB for FY 2018 to DepEd Personnel.

"PBB grant approval and funding not within DepEd, we submit our performance outputs to AO25 task force by region and updates on the PBB evaluation by the TF can be accessed through office of DepEd-Usec for operations. We will relay your query/concern to that office."

"I requested DepEd bhrod to provide the updates on eligibility of DepEd for PBB. I’ll share it to all once I get it."

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