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Children who do not learn to read, write and communicate effectively at primary level are more likely to leave school early, be unemployed or in low-skilled jobs, have poorer emotional and physical health and are more likely to end up in poverty and in our prisons.

Literacy difficulties are linked to truancy, exclusion, social consequences such as alcohol or drug abuse, increased health risks and greatly reduced life chances. The resultant impact on society is not just economic but also results in a negative effect on children's achievement of their full human potential.

Improved communication and oral language skills of very young children underpin their development of literacy and the ability to develop early mathematical ideas and language.

As a component of basic education and a foundation for lifelong learning, literacy is the key to enhancing human capabilities and achieving many other rights. In short, literacy and numeracy carry wide-ranging benefits not only for individuals but also for families, communities, and society.

References: French, G (2012) Early Literacy and Numeracy Matters: Enriching Literacy and Numeracy Experiences in Early Childhood. Dublin: Barnardos.

Credits to Ma'am Analie AnteƱero Fabillaran

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